BPO Location Services

BPO.Consulting approaches each engagement as your advocate to bridge the particularities of outsourcing to the Philippines from a North American business mindset.

Because each member of our staff has migrated processes and business units to the Philippines, we clearly understand the considerations that enterprises must address as they embrace the economies promised by moving select aspects of their operations offshore.

This knowledge supports you through intelligent solutions well-executed and aligned with your requirements.

BPO Locator Strategy Development

In-depth analyses of your business process outsourcing requirements enable you to arrive at the best solutions for entrèe into the Philippines. BPO.Consulting’s critical criteria for strategy development are:

  • Risk
  • Cost
  • Infrastructure availability
  • Vendor selection
  • Talent sourcing

BPO and Call Center Site Selection

With an intimate understanding of the local geography and relative location advantages in the Philippines, both in Metro Manila and beyond, we provide a balanced and accurate view of cost, property management, infrastructure, talent, and accessibility issues that you need to make the right decision.

Philippines Vendor Management

The Company has extensive relationships with proven vendors for everything from construction to security. We support contract negotiations with oversight and direction to help you establish a mutually beneficial relationship avoiding the pitfalls that often accompany cultural differences.

Staffing for BPO and Call Center Key Hires

We offer staffing services to clients requiring competent, dedicated, and talented professionals for their back-office operations. BPO.Consulting partners have experienced recruiting and HRD consultants with Fortune 500 BPO experience to provide the best for our clients’ most important asset––People.

BPO Program Piloting & Incubation

Our unique Piloting/Incubation service allows clients to administer a test run of their BPO operations in the Philippines before fully committing the resources necessary to establish an offshore concern. This gives clients an opportunity to learn local operational best practices so they can make an informed decision with the confidence that comes from seeing the whole picture.

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